API Management

The API ID Management functionality is used to create and manage IDs that are used to authenticate system-to-system communication to CME Group applications, via an Application Programming Interface (API).

To gain access or privileges to API applications, contact EASE.

The following functionality is available:

Create/Claim API IDs

  1. To Create an API ID:
  2. Select the User icon; select My Profile.

  3. From the Profile page, select the API Management tab.

  1. Select Create API ID.
  2. On the screen that appears, enter:

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*).

Note: The API ID is required, must begin with the prefix api_ and must not already be registered to another customer. It does not need to be the same as the CME Group Login.

  1. Select Create API ID.

System validation is performed and the API ID appears in the table.

  1. To Claim an API ID:

Claiming an API ID makes an association with the currently logged in user. An API ID can only be associated with one login profile.

  1. From the API Management page select Claim API ID.
  1. On the screen that appears, enter:

  • API ID - The API ID must begin with the prefix API_.
  • Password
  1. Select Create API ID.

The API ID is validated and, if authorized, added to the table.

Manage API IDs

On the API Management page, customer's Roles and Scope are specified.

Additional functions:

  • Show/Hide - /
  • Roles - Selecting revokes the role for the specified firm.
  • Scope - Selecting deletes the API ID scope.

  1. To Update an API ID Password:
  2. From the API Management table, select the API ID to manage.

The Manage API ID screen appears.

  1. On the screen that appears, select Update Password:

  1. Enter the Current and New Password (including confirmation).

The passwords are validated for compliance with the Password Rules.


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