What's New

The list below illustrates the updates made to the AutoCert+ Access Help system.


Date Author Topic Description

27 Feb 2018



Extensive rewrite.

14 Dec 2015


Getting Started

Removed mention of VPN in step 1 under "Obtaining Access to AutoCert+."



Logging In

Added step 1 with AutoCert+ URL.

05 Oct 2015


Getting Started

New Users can subscribe and unsubscribe to notifications regarding the test environment.

15 Oct 2014


Getting Started

Added link to ACP Access video. Added Feedback button to toolbar.

28 Mar 2014


Streamlined Help system, and moved sections to the Client Systems Wiki.

21 Sep 2012


Streamlined Help system.

07 Jul 2012


Getting Started, Navigating the Certification Tool, Completing the Certification Process, Logging In

Added navigation instructions, updated login and getting started procedures, updated post-cert interview info, and formatted according to new ACP Help system standards.

26 Sep 2011


Updated for ACP 4.0 and developed WebHelp system.

15 Mar 2011


Customer Support 

Updated CSET email address.

26 May 2009


Updated Overview section and Performance Test Mode Message.

23 Apr 2009


Add a warning note to the Introduction about tag 60.

09 Feb 2009


Separate Sender’s CompID Per Environment

Update Separate Sender’s CompID Per Environment section, removing a sentence about the SenderCompID.

13 Jan 2009


Update references to cmegroup.com.

14 Nov 2008


Updates include:

  • Addition discussion of iLink 2.x capability in AutoCert+.
  • Renaming of New Release Certification Environment to New Release Environment.
  • Remove references to FX MarketSpace, Cabinet Orders and FXMS Position Limits.

04 Sept 2008


Update screen captures and re-brand CME Group. Also, updated content with correct location of XML configuration file.


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