FTSE Russell Index Futures

Remarkable Opportunity Starts with a Great Return

Uncover greater opportunity with a new suite of FTSE Russell index futures.

Together, the global indexing leadership and innovation of FTSE Russell Indexes and the distribution strength, infrastructure and proven experience of CME Group bring market participants efficient, flexible and robust solutions to better manage equity index exposure in today’s demanding marketplace.

Benefits Include:

Capital Efficiencies

  • Capitalize on margin offsets with E-mini S&P 500, E-mini NASDAQ-100 and other CME Equity index futures.
  • Enjoy low initial futures margins and high leverage ratios vs. other trading tools

Flexible Execution

  • Choose from central limit order book, Exchange for Physical (EFP) and block trades
  • Enter Basis Trade at Index Close (BTIC) block trades to execute orders relative to the official cash index close
  • BTIC on CME Globex available for all FTSE Russell Index futures

Ease of Access

  • Trade nearly 24 hours per day on CME Globex and enjoy follow-the-sun regional support
  • Efficiently capture harder-to-reach opportunities with futures on leading FTSE and Russell indexes
  • Use established futures accounts and clearing relationships to expand reach

Products Available Now

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Product Code Contract Last Change Chart Open High Low Globex Vol
E-mini Russell 1000 Index Futures RS1H7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini Russell 1000 Growth Index Futures RSGH7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini Russell 1000 Value Index Futures RSVH7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini FTSE 100 Index (GBP) Futures FT1H7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini USD Denominated FTSE 100 Index Futures FTUH7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini FTSE China 50 Index Futures FT5H7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini FTSE Developed Europe Index Futures DVEH7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
E-mini FTSE Emerging Index Futures EIH7 MAR 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0

Products Available Soon

FTSE China A-50

Subject to local regulatory approval

Russell 2000

Returning exclusively to CME in Q3 2017

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About FTSE Russell

FTSE Russell provides a range of indexes across all major asset classes with broad global coverage, local market knowledge and significant multi-asset capabilities.

FTSE Russell unifies two leading index providers to deliver comprehensive multi-asset benchmarks, a broader choice of indexes, high standards for index governance and a commitment to provide best-in-class service, support and resources.