Cash-Settled Commodity Index Prices

    In order to keep our data safe and efficient, CME Group has re-located the former Cash-Settled Commodity Index Prices, Lean Hog Index, Feeder Cattle and Pork Cutout Index pages to this location. All of the data previously available from these pages is now accessible from the below links.

The cash-settled commodity index is a mathematical calculation that averages the head counts, weights and prices of a commodity to determine its settlement price. Here you will find daily price data for CME Indexes on Feeder Cattle (posted in the afternoon with a lag of 1 business day), Lean Hogs (posted in the morning with a lag of 2 business days) and Pork Cutout (posted in the morning with a lag of 1 business day).

Historical Data


Product Code Contract Last Change Chart Open High Low Globex Vol
Feeder Cattle Futures GFF8 JAN 2018 JAN 2018 149.675 -2.050 Show Price Chart 151.000 151.850 149.300 5,990
Lean Hog Futures HEZ7 DEC 2017 DEC 2017 62.050 +1.400 Show Price Chart 60.825 62.425 60.775 14,205

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