Livestock Futures and Options

Livestock Market Enhancements. Details.

Livestock Futures and Options

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Manage the risk inherent in livestock production and processing with CME Group Livestock products including live cattle, feeder cattle, and lean hogs.

  • Engage in price discovery for individual markets and manage price risk
  • Arbitrage and spread opportunities with other commodities
  • Trade Calendar Spread Options on Live Cattle futures
  • Trade electronically on CME Globex

Top Livestock Products

Product Code Contract Last Change Chart Open High Low Globex Vol
Live Cattle Futures LEG7 FEB 2017 FEB 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
Lean Hog Futures HEG7 FEB 2017 FEB 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0
Feeder Cattle Futures GFF7 JAN 2017 JAN 2017 - - Show Price Chart - - - 0

New CME Pork Cutout Index

CME Group has developed a Pork Cutout Index to use as an additional method for the valuation of hogs available from August 24, 2015. 

About the Pork Cutout Index

  • Participants will have the ability to monitor and compare the value of the Pork Cutout Index to the current Lean Hog Index on a daily basis.
  • CME Group is only publishing a Pork Cutout Index at this time.
  • The publication of a Pork Cutout Index will be distributed through the CME Group website and quote vendors beginning August 24, 2015.

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