CME Globex New Customer Guide


CME Globex New Customer Guide

CME Globex offers a range of connectivity options and trading applications. The following steps will guide you through the connection process for the CME Globex platform.

Access CME Globex

To access CME Globex, customers must have:

  • A relationship with a CME Clearing Firm or Partner Exchange clearing firm.
  • A CME Group-certified trading software application.

Individual Traders

We encourage individual traders to connect to CME Globex through their futures broker. Brokers can provide both the required clearing firm guarantee and trading infrastructure.

If you need to find a broker, please view Find a Broker.

Getting Started

If you are planning on:

  • Connecting directly to CME Globex for trading or market data
  • Developing to iLink order entry or FIX/FAST or MDP 3.0 market data

Please contact Global Account Management at +1 312 634 8700 in the U.S., +44 20 3379 3754 in Europe and +65 6593 5505 in Asia.

Choose your type of connection

Network connectivity fees are charged for connecting to the CME Globex platform for trading. These fees are detailed in Schedule 1 to the CME Connection Agreement.
To compare the options side-by-side, use the Connectivity Summary Table (PDF).

Direct Connectivity

Provides a direct line to CME Globex and you, or CME Group, manage the connection.

CME Co-Location Connectivity Services

The CME Group data center facility; houses the CME Group trading match engines for all products traded on the CME Globex platform and provides the lowest latency connection for our customers. CME Co-Location Connectivity Services offers:

  • CME GLink - A client managed offering that will provide the lowest latency connectivity option to trade CME Group products on CME Globex and is available only at the CME Group co-location facility. CME GLink service utilizes an equidistant Cross Connect to ensure location neutrality within CME Group’s co-location facility.
  • CME Co-Location Services offers 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps with inbound rate limited to 1 Gbps.

For more information, please visit

CME Group-Managed Solution
  • CME DIRECTLink - Our managed solution that offers high capacity Ethernet access at 20, 40, 100 200 and 400Mbps Please Note: CME DIRECTLink is only available to existing to CME DIRECTLink customers.
  • Please Note: CME DIRECTLink is only available to existing to CME DIRECTLink customers.
Client-Managed Solutions
  • CME Globex Hubs - The hubs allow client-managed connections from redundant data centers in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Mexico City, New York, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.
    • Ethernet bandwidth subscription
    • Client manages connection to CME Globex Hub
  • CME EConnect - Serves as the global backbone to a local hub for customers in New York and New Jersey. Customer provisions their own circuits to CME Globex local hubs.
    • 1 Gbps via CME Group local New York and New Jersey points of presence
  • LNet - Offers a 1 Gbps direct connection to the CME Globex fiber network via a CME Group-approved third-party facility.
  • Jackson Direct - Provides a direct connection to the CME Globex fiber network from the Chicago Board of Trade building in Chicago.
    • 1 Gbps via CME Group-approved fiber provider
  • Client INTERNETLink - A client-managed connection to CME Globex within approved telecommunications vendor clouds.
    • Customer chooses a Tier 1 Internet provider
    • Bandwidth available in increments of 0.5 to 20Mbps

Indirect Connectivity

You can establish an indirect connection to CME Globex through:

  • Your Class A Clearing Firm's infrastructure
  • An Application Service Provider (ASP), data centers that allow you to use their infrastructure for a fee.
  • Additional information on connectivity options is available online.

Complete Customer Agreement

To connect directly to CME Globex, customers must complete the CME Customer Connection Agreement and relevant schedules.

Data Centers that provide connectivity for customers must complete a Data Center Agreement.

To receive market data, customers must complete the Market Data License Agreement and Scope of Use document.

Choose your front-end trading application

  • Develop your own proprietary front-end system.
    • If you want to develop to CME Globex for order entry and/or market data, certification is required. The Technical Specifications for iLink order entry and Market Data Platform can be found at
    • Developers must use the certification tool AutoCert+. For more information, see the AutoCert+AccessGuide.
    • iLink order entry certification requires the AutoCert+ tools
    • FIX/FAST on the Market Data Platform certification requires AutoCert+ only
  • Use a CME Group-provided solution.
  • Use a third-party application provided Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Since not all products are cleared by CME Group, you will need to contact your clearing firm to access the Hosted Exchanges or exchanges that are available via an order routing agreement (e.g., BM&F BOVESPA).


iLink Order Entry Interface

An iLink Session ID is a logical connection to CME Globex for order entry and is based on the FIX 4.X protocol. iLink Session ID usage guidelines can be found at

Please review the iLink Technical Specifications.

All new applications must complete certification to iLink via the AutoCert+ tool.

To complete certification, your application must demonstrate the ability to produce an audit trail, with all required fields, in the format specified by CME Group.

  • Read the documentation on audit trail requirements
  • Contact the Market Regulation Department at to complete audit trail demonstration with test data
  • Market Regulation will then provide conditional certification to allow your application to connect in production and begin trading
  • Market Regulation will subsequently conduct an audit on your production audit trail data to provide final certification

Questions concerning the certification process of your audit trail can be directed to

All applications must also provide adequate credit controls in accordance with the CME Globex Interface Credit Control Certification Requirements, found in Appendix 1 of the Schedule 6 to the CME Customer Connection Agreement at

Market Data Platform

FIX/FAST is the messaging format used on the Market Data Platform. CME Group will transition to a new market data format MDP 3.0 – in Q3 2014 which will replace the FIX/FAST market data format. The Market Data Platform is a dual feed, multicast dissemination vehicle.

Please review the Market Data Technical Specifications.

All new applications must complete certification to FIX/FAST and MDP 3.0 on the Market Data Platform via the AutoCert+ tool.

Development and certification support is available by contacting the Certification Support Electronic Trading team (CSET) in the U.S. at +1 312 930 2322, in Europe at +44 20 3379 3803, in Asian at +65 6593 5593, or CSET is available 3:00 p.m. Sunday through 4:00 p.m. Friday Central Time.

Test Environments and Certification Tools

CME Group has two customer testing environments: New Release and Certification. The New Release environment is used to introduce new products and functionality prior to their production launch. The Certification environment mirrors production at all times, and is used by firms to test their software against the current production release.

Your CME Global Account Manager can give you access to both test environments once you have completed and signed Schedule A and Schedule B to the Interface Development Agreement, available at

iLink session IDs for the Certification and New Release environments are issued only after we have received Schedule A to the Interface Development Agreement. Your CME Global Account Manager will set up your firm’s profile, listing the name of your application, type of application, version and all individuals who will be testing.

Note: You must have access to both test environments in order to use the AutoCert+ certification tool. The following connectivity options are available for access to the certification and New Release environments:

  • Cert Data Center

The CERT VPN and Cert Data Center* are provided free of charge. All other costs can be found on the Interface Developers Agreement Schedule A at

Please Note: There is a one-time cross connect fee of $500 for Cert Data Center access at CME Aurora. Customers are responsible for any additional fees assessed by other data center providers the customer will access from Cert Data Center.

Risk Management Tools

We offer risk management tools, designed to protect CME Globex customers and clearing firms.

  • FirmSoft - a browser-based order management tool that provides real-time access to information on working and filled CME Globex orders and the ability to cancel orders, across multiple firm IDs
  • Drop Copy - sends real-time copies of iLink execution reports and reject messages to customers via a separate FIX session
  • Cancel on Disconnect (COD) - cancels all resting session/day futures and options orders for registered iLink session IDs upon an ungraceful disconnect
  • CME Globex Credit Controls - allows a Class A clearing firm to set pre-execution risk controls through a browser based interface
  • Risk Management Interface (RMI) - an API and GUI that supports granular, pre-trade risk management for Clearing Firms.
  • Kill Switch - a GUI that is designed to allow firms a one step shutdown of all their CME Globex activity at the SenderComp ID level.
  • Self-Match Prevention (SMP) - is optional functionality designed to allow executing firms to prevent, where appropriate, buy and sell orders for accounts with common beneficial ownership, from matching with each other.


  • CME Globex Messaging Efficiency Program - creates fair business guidelines by which customers are billed a surcharge for overly high message rates.
  • CME Globex Reference Guide - provides a general overview of the Globex Platform electronic trading, products, access, functionality, practices and policies, market operation, and glossary.
  • CME Group Customer Forums - customers can learn about forward-looking development at CME Group, including platform changes, electronic trading policies, new product offerings and other enhancements.
  • CME Globex Enhancements - working constantly to introduce enhanced functionality and improve performance, this page reflects all the recent and upcoming functionality changes to the CME Globex platform that impact our customers.


To connect directly to CME Globex, customers must complete the following:

Data Centers must also complete the following:

Contact Us

Global Account Management (GAM)
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CME Global Command Center
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Europe: +44 800 898 013
Asia: +65 6532 5010

Certification Support for Electronic Trading (CSET)
United States: +1 312 930 2322
Europe: +44 20 3379 2803
Asia: +65 6593 5593


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