E-micro Gold Futures

E-micro Gold Futures

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Ten-to-One the Most Efficient Way to Access the World's Most Liquid Gold Market

New to our suite of gold products, which includes the 100-oz. Gold futures contract and the 50-oz. COMEX miNY Gold futures contract, is the 10-oz. E-micro Gold (MGC) futures contract. At one-tenth the size of our benchmark gold contract, this new contract is tailored to meet the demands of the active individual investor looking for the opportunity to trade physical gold in smaller increments, and for those seeking a less capital-intensive alternative to trading the largest and most liquid gold futures contract in the world.

Enjoy the Flexbililty of Fungibility

The E-micro Gold futures offers the opportunity of a 10:1 offset with 100- oz. Gold futures contract. This fungibility enables market participants to offset their E-micro Gold futures positions against positions held in the benchmark 100-oz. Gold futures market.