Australian Trade Repository Service

Australian Trade Repository

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CME Group has been licenced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to operate a Trade Repository for Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Credit, Equity and Interest Rate asset classes.

The CME Australian Trade Repository provides a straight-forward, multi-asset class reporting solution built on the expertise and proven systems already in place for the global repository marketplace.

As with our CME Swap Data Repository, CME Canadian Trade Repository and CME European Trade Repository, our presence in Australia is supported by the exceptional customer support that is a hallmark of our offerings.

Clients have the assurance that their reporting requirements are being fulfilled in a timely, efficient, and accurate manner so they can focus on other aspects of their day-to-day business.

Aggregate Report

The CME ATR Public Aggregate Report shows aggregated data reported to CME ATR, which is made available every Friday for the current week (defined as the prior Tuesday to Monday). The data is aggregated by notional outstanding and number of unique transactions, presented in the following three ways:

  • Asset Class + New Transactions by Week
  • Asset Class + Currency
  • Asset Class + Clearing Status

ATR Weekend Scheduled Maintenance

Please note that the ATR system will be down for regularly scheduled weekend maintenance between the hours of 12 am Central time Saturday and 5 am Central time Sunday.