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E-mini Energy Select Sector Futures Quotes Globex

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Month Charts Last Change Prior Settle Open High Low Volume Hi / Low Limit Updated
MAR 2017 Show Price Chart - - 745.30 - - - 0 782.50 / 707.70 04:11:43 CT
23 Jan 2017
JUN 2017 Show Price Chart - - 742.70 - - - 0 779.90 / 705.10 16:00:00 CT
22 Jan 2017

About E-mini Energy Select Sector Futures

Discover the capital-efficient way to manage sector exposure. E-mini S&P Select Sector futures divide the S&P 500 Index into ten contracts, providing a precise way to trade the S&P Select Sector indices – the same indices tracked by the most popular sector ETFs. E-mini Energy Select Sector futures give you access to companies in the GICS® energy sector, including oil, gas and consumable fuels, and energy equipment and services.