Fertilizer Swaps: UREA, DAP and UAN

The Clear Choice for Managing Risk in the Volatile Fertilizer Markets

Fertilizer swaps offer new risk transfer and price management tools for the increasingly volatile global fertilizer markets. These contracts – for urea, urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) – also provide:

  • Counterparty risk mitigation through CME Clearing
  • Flexibility to trade off-exchange and negotiate own prices
  • Contract sized to suit a range of customer needs
  • Competitive margin requirements

Key facts and features

    CBOT-listed to facilitate agricultural market access
  • Offers a central source of price discovery
  • Answers demand for tools to manage rising volatility
  • Financially settled, separating price risk from supply

Fertilizer Product Slate

Clearing Globex Floor ClearPort Product Name Product Group Sub Group Category Sub-Category Cleared As Exchange Volume Open Interest
FMEFME-FMEUrea (Granular) FOB Middle East FutureAgricultureFertilizer--FuturesCMED02,600
UFN--UFNUrea (Granular) FOB US Gulf SwapsAgricultureFertilizer--Cleared SwapsCBOT01,860
UFU--UFUUAN FOB NOLA SwapsAgricultureFertilizer--Cleared SwapsCBOT0705
DFL--DFLDAP FOB NOLA SwapsAgricultureFertilizer--Cleared SwapsCBOT45690
FCEFCE-FCEUrea (Prilled) FOB China FutureAgricultureFertilizer--FuturesCMED00
UFG--UFGUrea FOB Egypt SwapsAgricultureFertilizer--Cleared SwapsCBOT00
FNEFNE-FNEUrea (Granular) FOB US Gulf FutureAgricultureFertilizer--FuturesCMED00
FLEFLE-FLEDAP FOB NOLA FutureAgricultureFertilizer--FuturesCMED00
FEYFEY-FEYUrea (Granular) FOB Egypt FutureAgricultureFertilizer--FuturesCMED00
DFT--DFTDAP FOB Tampa SwapsAgricultureFertilizer--Cleared SwapsCBOT00
Trade Date: 24 Jun 2016 | PRELIMINARY


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