The Virtual Steel Mill

Virtual Steel Mill: A Comprehensive Approach to Derivatives for the Ferrous Industry

Spot and Fixed Forward Contracts add Flexibility and Hedging Opportunities to Ferrous Products

The potential power of the CME Group "Virtual Steel Mill" has captured the imagination of the ferrous industry more than any of the variety of steel and related ferrous cleared or exchange — traded contracts launched in the past few years, principally because the current product slate has attempted to retrofit steel into a non-ferrous model.

Our virtual steel mill provides Comprehensive Hedging Tools for the Volatile Ferrous Metals Marketplace. The ferrous metals market, which includes iron ore and steel and related products, is the second largest commodity market by volume. Ferrous Metal futures offer market participants the ability to manage price risk across the supply chain, in tandem with changing industry structure and demands.

Backed by CME Clearing, our suite of ferrous metals futures and related over-the-counter products are sent to CME for clearing, ensuring payment is made according to agreement. Join the growing number of steel mills, service centers, manufacturers and end users who enjoy the efficiency, economy, and security of managing ferrous industry price risk from one point of contact.

Key Service Features:

  • Financial Settlement
  • Margin offset across the metals product suite
  • Effective hedging mechanisms for mining companies, steel mills, steel service centers, distributors, merchants and end-users.

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