Membership Pricing


If you wish to buy, sell or lease a CME, CBOT or NYMEX membership, please review the following bids and offers of currently available “seats” or memberships.


CBOT Current Membership Prices

Historical Pricing
Last updated: May 28, 2015 9:45 AM CDT [Chicago Time] | *last updated price

Membership Interest Sales

BidOfferLast SaleDate
B-1 (Full)$240,000$275,000$265,00005/26/15
B-2 (AM)$76,000$80,000$80,00005/26/15
B-3 (GIM)$25,000$100,000$35,00006/27/14
B-4 (IDEM)$2,500*$6,000$5,00005/11/15
B-5 (COM)$7,500$12,500$12,50005/20/15

Prices for Matched Bid/Offer Transactions

B-1 (Full)--B-2 (AM)--
B-3 (GIM)--B-4 (IDEM)--
B-5 (COM)--

Membership Interest Swap Sales

BidOfferLast SaleDate
AM for COM--------
AM for IDEM--------
COM for IDEM--------
FULL for AM$105,000------
FULL for COM--------
FULL for IDEM--------