Financial Surveillance Programs

Our Audit Department ensures the financial integrity of CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX clearing members through direct surveillance and information sharing with Joint Audit Committee (JAC) members. Specifically, our financial surveillance programs focus on the following:


Clearing members must calculate segregation requirements and ensure compliance with CFTC and Exchange capital requirements on a daily basis. In addition, they must:

  • Submit full financial statements monthly
  • Provide certified financial statements annually
  • Make more frequent reports (daily) as directed


Generally, each clearing member is subject to a financial and operational risk-based examination every year. These examinations are:

  • Tailored to focus on the specific risks of the clearing member
  • Conducted in accordance with the JAC examination program
  • Performed on a surprise basis


Clearing members are required to report any failure to meet segregation or minimum capital requirements. They must notify the Audit Department prior to:

  • Any significant business transaction
  • A significant change in operations

For additional information, please go to the CME Group's Financial Safeguard System (PDF) and Financial Surveillance/Joint Audit Committee