CME ConfirmHub API

CME ConfirmHub API provides a simplified integration process by using standard SOAP web services calls. The API supports both querying and data submission.


  • Data can be queried using various filters to narrow your search. These filters include submitter (broker, exchange, trading company), commodity, trade date, and modified date.
  • Data is returned in standard CME ConfirmHub XML format (CHML). The CHML Schema is available upon request or when you register.

Data Submission

To make CME ConfirmHub more compatible and easily accessible, data can be submitted in many formats:

  • As XML or a tab-delimited text file via CME ConfirmHub API, secure FTP upload, or browser-based file upload.
  • Using standardized CME ConfirmHub data values (identified in CME ConfirmHub reference data lists) or using your company’s own data values, which are mapped by CME ConfirmHub.

Other data conveniences

  • Mapped data values are stored at CME ConfirmHub and can be set up in advance to streamline data submission.
  • Missing mapping data can be easily corrected online without requiring resubmission of the trades, simplifying the submission of data.
  • Mapping options include the ability to manage user definitions in conjunction with those of CME ConfirmHub all the way down to the trade level. 

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