Weekly Options on Futures

More Expirations for More Precise Trading and Risk Management

Traders turn to the precision of CME Group’s weekly expiring options to enhance existing positions or to lay off risk and capture trading opportunities around market-moving events, including Sunday elections, Tuesday or Wednesday FOMC meetings, Thursday Jobless Claims, Friday Unemployment reports.

Benefits and Applications

  • Deep liquidity across all six major asset classes
  • Event-driven trading throughout the week
  • Trade gamma and capture arbitrage opportunities
  • Strengthen existing positions for short-term market fluctuations
  • Add to a futures hedge to capture opportunity with defined risk
  • Access optionality over the entire term structure
  • Pay less in premiums due to less time covered

Growing Liquidity

*YTD as of July 20, 2022

Product Codes

Contract Weekly Expiry  CME Globex  Bloomberg  Refinitiv
Equity Options
E-mini S&P 500 Monday E1A-E5A IWWA Index 0#1AEW+
Tuesday E1B-E5B IMBA Index 0#E1BW+
Wednesday E1C-E5C IEWA Index 0#ECW+
Thursday E1D-E5D IMDA Index 0#E1DW+
Friday EW1-EW4 1EA Index - 4EA Index 0#ESW+
Micro E-mini S&P 500 Friday EX1-EX4 HXSA 1EX1W-1EX4W
E-mini Nasdaq-100 Monday Q1A-Q5A QNBA Index 1QNC1W- 1QNC5W
Wednesday Q1C-Q5C QNCA Index 1QNA1W- 1QNA5W
Friday QN1-QN4 1OA Index - 4OA 0#1NQW+
Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 Friday MQ1-MQ4 HWYA Index 1MQ1W-1MQ4W
E-mini Dow ($5) Friday YM1-YM5 1FA Index – 4FA Index 0#1YMW+
E-mini Russell 2000 Monday R1A-R5A MRYA Index 0#1AR1W+
Wednesday R1C-R5C WRYA Index 0#1RC1W+
Friday R1E-R4E RUWA Index 0#1RTYW+
Interest Rate Options
2-Year Note Wednesday WT1-5 TUIA Comdty 0#WTW+
Friday ZT1-5 1W-5W 0#TUW+
5-Year Note Wednesday WF1-5 FVWA Comdty 0#WFW+
Friday ZF1-5 1I-5I 0#FVW+
10-Year Note Wednesday WY1-5 TYYA Comdty 0#WYW+
Friday ZN1-5 1M-5M 0#TYW+
Ultra 10-Year Note Wednesday WX1-5 UXTA Comdty 0#WXW+
Friday TN1-5 UXW 0#TNW+
T-Bond Wednesday WB1-5 USYA Comdty 0#WBW+
Friday ZB1-5 1C-5C USW+
Ultra T-Bond Wednesday WU1-5 WNYA Comdty 0#WUW+
Friday UB1-5 1J-5J 0#AULW+
FX Options
Wednesday WE1-WE5 WEYA 0#1WEW+
Friday 1EU-5EU  UAW 0#1EUUW+
Wednesday WG1-WG5 WLYA 0#1WGW+
Friday 1BP-5BP BGW 0#1GBUW+
Wednesday WJ1-WJ5  WJYA 0#1WJW+
Friday 1JY-5JY JAW 0#1JPUW+
Wednesday WD1-WD5 WCBA 0#1WDW+
Friday 1CD-5CD UDW 0#1CHUW+
Wednesday WA1-WA5 WABA 0#1WASW+
Friday 1AD-5AD  AUW 0#1ADUW+
Energy Options
WTI Crude Oil Friday LO1-5 CLWA Comdty  0#CLW+
Micro WTI Crude Oil Friday MW1-5 WMIA Comdty MWCLW
Brent Crude Oil Friday BW1-5 BZCA Comdty  0#BZZW+
Natural Gas Friday LN1-5 GKWA Comdty  
Metals Options
Gold Monday G1M-G5M XAWA Comdty OMON GM1W-GM5W
Wednesday G1W-G5W XATA Comdty OMON GW1W-GW5W
Friday OG1-5 XGCA Comdty OMON <GO> 0#GCW+
Silver Monday M1S-M5S WXDA Comdty OMON SIM1W-SIM5W
Wednesday W1S-W5S WXIA Comdty OMON SIW1W-SIW5W
Friday SO1-5 WSIA Comdty OMON <GO>  
Copper Monday  H1M-H5M HPLA Comdty OMON HM1W-HM5W
Wednesday H1W-H5W HSEA Comdty OMON HW1W-HW5W
Friday H1E-H5E HGWA Comdty OMON <GO>  
Ag Options
Corn Friday ZC1-5 1-5XA Comdty 0#CW+
Soybeans Friday ZS1-5  1-5SA Comdty 0#SWW+
SRW Wheat Friday ZW1-5 1-5WA Comdty 0#WW+
Soybean Meal Friday ZM1-5 1-5DA 0#SMW+
Soybean Oil Friday ZO1-5 1-5AA 0#BOW+

Helpful Tools

CME FedWatch
Gauge the market’s expectation of an upcoming rate hike.

Open Interest Heatmap
Gain insight into market sentiment through the lens of put/call open interest.

Cross Correlation Tool
Track cross-asset product relationships to identify how activity in one market might affect another.

Options Expiration Calendar
View or download a year’s worth of expiration dates, including yet-to-be-listed weekly options.

Options Calculator
Generate fair value prices and Greeks for any of CME Group’s options on futures contracts.

Volatility Term Structure Tool
Compare charts of current implied volatilities across expiration to the view from one week earlier.

Economic Insights