CME Group is pleased to partner with Commos Consulting and HedgeTutor to provide an in-depth online trading simulation for producers and consumers to practice futures trading with CME Group Iron Ore futures.

About the HedgeTutor Tool

As seasoned commodity markets operators and business development veterans we have been repeatedly confronted with the difficulty of engaging and educating companies in commodity price risk management. HedgeTutor solves this problem by offering users a practical, realistic, and comprehensive learning experience set over a pre-agreed upon period of time – all in a risk-free environment. Like in real-life trading, cash, credit, and physical restrictions set in HedgeTutor apply. Hence, performance is not only evaluated through P&L but also by analyzing various parameters: Exposure, Credit Lines and Margining, Cash Flows, and Statements.

To get access to online HedgeTutor simulation tool for CME Group Iron Ore markets, please fill out the “Request a Trial” form with your contact information.

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