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Copper is widely considered one of the key cyclical commodities given its extensive usage in construction, infrastructure and an array of equipment manufacturing.

COMEX Copper futures and options are designed to meet your needs around all facets of the copper industry. An important risk management tool and a rewarding opportunity for the investment community, Copper is fully integrated in the U.S. market and the predominant benchmark throughout the copper value chain.

Copper futures and options offer global price discovery and opportunities for portfolio diversification.

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Key Benefits


Experience global liquidity around-the-clock


Affordable, transparent exchange fees with margin offset savings

Central Clearing

Guaranteed counterparty credit and segregation of customer funds

Price Transparency

Equal access while maintaining anonymity in bids and offers

Copper Futures and Options Products

Clearing Globex ClearPort Product Name Product Group Subgroup Cleared As Volume Open Interest
HG HG HG Copper Futures Metals Base Futures 121,095 220,233
HX HXE HX Copper Option Metals Base Options 3,192 92,429
HGS HGS HGS Copper Financial Futures Metals Base Futures 0 20,402
QC QC QC E-mini Copper Futures Metals Base Futures 211 463
CUP CUP CUP Copper Premium Grade A CIF Shanghai (Metal Bulletin) Futures Metals Base Futures 0 0
Trade Date: 18 Jun 2021 | PRELIMINARY

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