Ultra 10-Year Block Liquidity Providers

Below is a list of firms that have provided permission to be listed as contacts for clients interested in executing block trades for Ultra 10-Year Futures. Many other market makers are willing to engage in block transactions.

Firm Contact Name Email Phone Number
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Sidney Lebental Sidney.Lebental@baml.com 646-855-9444
Barclays Ian Dai Ian.Dai@barclays.com 212-412-6820
Citigroup Frederick Stemp Fred.Stemp@citi.com 212-723-6177
Credit Suisse Tyrone Smith Tyrone.Smith@credit-suisse.com 212-325-7407
Deutsche Bank James Ashley James.Ashley@db.com 212-250-8815
DRW Joe Meissner Jmeissner@drw.com 312-542-1090
Goldman Sachs Jerry Strabley Gerald.Strabley@gs.com 212-902-5010
Morgan Stanley Joe Anderson Joseph.D.Anderson@morganstanley.com 212-761-3464