Eurodollar Futures and Options

Eurodollar Futures and Options

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A cost-effective way to hedge Short-Term U.S. Interest Rates, CME Group’s Eurodollar futures and options are the preferred tool for professional traders who want to express a view on future interest rate moves. 

Key Benefits

Reflecting market expectation for interest rates, Eurodollar futures are a global benchmark and a fundamental building block of the interest rate marketplace, while options on Eurodollar futures are among the most actively traded Exchange-listed Interest Rate options contracts in the world.

  • Unsurpassed liquidity - consistently tight bid/offer spreads
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Diverse trading opportunities
  • Price transparency
  • Mid-curve options offer a low premium, high time decay

Eurodollar Resources

What's Next for LIBOR and Eurodollar Futures
This paper examines four key points one should keep in mind when considering recent ARRC and FCA announcements.

Eurodollar Options Expiration Calendar
View important dates for Eurodollar options including first trade dates, expiration dates, underlying futures, and product codes.

Introduction to Eurodollars
Get an overview of Eurodollar futures and options, a cost effective way to hedge short-term U.S Interest rates.

Eurodollar Toolkit
Get access to all the resources you need to learn about CME Group Eurodollar futures and options.

Eurodollar Trading Basics
Use CME Group Eurodollar products to express a view on market uncertainty caused by anticipation of when the FOMC will raise the Fed Funds target rate.

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