CME FedWatch Tool

Stay up-to-date with the latest probabilities of FOMC rate moves with the CME FedWatch Tool.

MEDIA: Please attribute rate probabilities used in your reporting to “CME FedWatch Tool.” 

Countdown to FOMC

The next FOMC meeting is in:

    Note: CME FedWatch Tool calculations are based on scenarios that most commonly occur at scheduled FOMC meetings (unch, hike 25bp, ease 25bp). Unscheduled target rate changes by the FOMC of greater magnitude may not be captured perfectly by this tool and users are reminded that outcomes are indicative only.

Disclaimer: The data and output from this tool does not constitute investment advice and is not a personal recommendation from CME Group. Any investment activities undertaken using this tool will be at the sole risk of the relevant investor.


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Clearing Globex ClearPort Product Name Exchange Product Group Subgroup Volume Open Interest
ED GE ED Eurodollar Options CME Interest Rate Stirs 1,558,617 41,705,934
21 OZN 21 10-Year T-Note Options CBOT Interest Rate US Treasury 243,463 3,790,530
LO LO LO Crude Oil Option NYMEX Energy Crude Oil 187,475 2,828,118
LN LNE LN Natural Gas Option (European) NYMEX Energy Natural Gas 171,513 2,487,103
EW1 EW1 EW1 E-mini S&P 500 Weekly Options - Week 1 CME Equities US Index 153,825 14,414
Trade Date: 03 Apr 2020 | PRELIMINARY

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