Translation Tool

CME Repository Services new Translation Tool allows clients to send certain non CME file specifications to us where we will translate them into CME ETR specifications for no charge thus reducing the operational requirements to change trade repository.

This means you can switch to CME ETR with minimal operational hurdles. Simply send us your file in its current format (Currently only CSV, however we are building out our FpML capability) and we will undertake the translation for you.

Benefits to you

No operational hurdles
We understand that you have probably spent considerable time and resource in your current solution. That is why we have made our service as simple as possible. Send us your current file specifications and CME ETR will do the rest. There is no need to change your current set-up.

No additional costs
CME ETR simple per UTI fee structure is highly competitive and with the lowest annual cap amongst the Trade Repositories. CME ETR is not charging any additional cost for using our translation tool.

Porting made easy
CME ETR realises that changing trade repository needs to be easy, quick and reliable. This is why we have developed the Translation Tool solution.

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