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CME Listed FX Options: A Capital-Efficient, Low-Cost Solution


Craig LeVeille
Executive Director, FX Products

Daniel Grombacher
Senior Director, FX Research & Product Development

Learn how FX options are a proxy for OTC options.

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Part 1: Understand FX options & compare to OTC FX spot options
Part 2: Anticipated impact of UMR
Part 3: Use cases for CME FX options
Part 4: Rules, tools, resources & mechanisms

FX Options

Clearing Globex Floor ClearPort Product Name Product Group Subgroup Cleared As Volume Open Interest
EUU EUU EUU EUU EUR/USD Monthly Options FX Majors Options 5,949 205,603
JPU JPU JPU JPU JPY/USD Monthly Options FX Majors Options 3,384 80,861
GBU GBU GBU GBU GBP/USD Monthly Options FX Majors Options 626 79,276
CAU CAU CAU CAU CAD/USD Monthly Options FX Majors Options 1,617 48,055
ADU ADU ADU ADU AUD/USD Monthly Options FX Majors Options 2,848 44,138
3EU 3EU 3EU 3EU EUR/USD Weekly Friday Options - Week 3 FX Majors Options 5,540 12,222
3JY 3JY 3JY 3JY JPY/USD Weekly Friday Options - Week 3 FX Majors Options 5,287 8,015
4EU 4EU 4EU 4EU EUR/USD Weekly Friday Options - Week 4 FX Majors Options 216 7,926
WE3 WE3 WE3 WE3 EUR/USD Weekly Wednesday Options - Week 3 FX Majors Options 1,905 6,713
3AD 3AD 3AD 3AD AUD/USD Weekly Friday Options - Week 3 FX Majors Options 157 1,398
Trade Date: 10 Jul 2020 | PRELIMINARY

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One to Watch: NEW Serials

FIVE additional monthly listings (Serials) in FX options in the majors live on Sept 16:

Get more granularity with our 12 monthly option maturities (four Quarterlies and eight Serials), along with the four Weekly Fridays and four Weekly Wednesdays – for more accurate longer-term hedging, spread opportunities along the vol curve, and the capital efficiencies of listed options.

On CME Direct: Add a Quick Grid

Simply, select New View and then Quick Options Grid from the Menu. In the Toolbar, use the Future and Expiry fields to select an underlying Future and the furthest contract expiration date. The grid populates as selections are made, and includes all Options that have the base Future as an underlier and matching Expiry criteria.

Benefit: You can configure what you want, easily.

On CME Direct: Download a Grid

Simply, right click on the relevant currency below and save the .xml file – then import it using the ‘Import View’ option.

Benefit: Everything is set up for you, already.



On Reuters:

Use the same codes you do today


Use the same codes you do today

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