The FX Report: Issue IX

  • 13 Dec 2018
  • By CME Group

In The News

FX Link: Award Winning, Again

CME FX Link was awarded Innovation of the Year at the 2019 Risk Awards, along with SOFR futures. Risk praised how the product helps clients save in the areas of “margin, capital and costs, particularly when it [comes] to trading the arbitrage between forex spot and futures markets.”

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In Our Markets

INR/USD Futures: Deeper Book, Narrower Spreads

More participants are trading INR/USD, and utilizing our margin offsets across AUD, BRL, CNH, ZAR and Gold.  

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NZD/USD Options: Live and Online

Now, you can trade liquid Kiwi options on the platform of your choice: CME Direct, Bloomberg, Reuters and CQG.

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It’s an EM Carry Trade: MXN and INR

Read about the strategies asset managers are using to execute the carry trade in our markets, with specific examples in MXN and INR.

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It’s a Hedge: WTI and FX Futures and FX Link

Read two new case studies based on a Mexican oil exporter hedging oil price risk in our markets. See how they are using MXN/USD futures in our markets and using FX Link to trade the spread in the OTC market.

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FX Link: Get to Know Three New Use Cases

More participants are using FX Link to manage common FX risks more efficiently. Find out how to replicate or hedge OTC FX swap exposures; manage FX hedges and spot futures basis risk; and consolidate OTC FX forward exposures to IMM FX futures.

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The Numbers You Need

November 2018 YTD ADV

Futures $93.4B, +13.8% YTD YoY
Options $8.9B, -2.4% YTD YoY


 FX Link Volume Record:
18,103 on Nov 2

 INR Futures Volume Record:
12,479 on Nov 2

 CNH Futures Volume Record:
2,972 on Oct 8

FX Monthlies:
44,816 traded on Oct 11, inclusive of the quarterly-monthly spreads

Need To Know

New Tool: Analyze liquidity across time zones

Dec 14: Bank of Russia Meeting
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Dec 18: FOMC Meeting
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Dec 20: BoE Meeting
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Dec 20: BdM Meeting
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Get Ready for the 10 a.m. Cut: Our FX Options are Changing to 10 a.m. NY

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