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  • 28 Apr 2021
  • By CME Group

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Tapering Could Impact FX, Gold Markets

As central banks, including the Fed, gear up to withdraw emergency supports, their timing could impact FX and gold markets.


Macroeconomic Drivers of the US Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate

Since the euro’s inception in 1999, the euro-US dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) has been the world’s most widely traded currency pair. During its first 16 years, it traded in wide ranges, from a low of almost 0.8 to a high of nearly 1.6 dollars to the euro. For the past six and half years, however, EUR/USD has settled into a much narrower band from 1.04 to 1.25.


Seven Factors that Drive the US Dollar-British Pound Rate

While Brexit-related politics have played a significant role in influencing GBP/USD’s recent price action, the exchange rate is also impacted by the price of oil, interest rates, and trade and budget surpluses and deficits.



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