APRIL 2021

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  • 22 Apr 2021
  • By CME Group

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Yuan's Uncertain Path Ahead

Watch our Chief Economist Blu Puntam discuss how the yuan rose during the pandemic amid US consumer demand for Chinese products.


2021 Economic Outlook Webinar

As we head into the second quarter, reflecting on the year that was and what’s yet to come, join our Economists Blu Putnam and Erik Norland in preparation for another significant year in the markets.

FX Markets Drive Increased Hedging Opportunities in Copper Trades

In this article:

  • China is the largest participant in global copper markets.
  • The exchange rate between RMB and USD plays a key role in this international trade.
  • Futures contracts are widely used to manage the risks in both the copper and FX markets.
  • Margin offsets offered by CME Group between the two markets greatly improve the efficiency of this hedging strategy.

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