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  • 10 Jun 2020
  • By CME Group

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$79.5B traded in FX futures and options
$244B in FX open interest
$63.2B traded on EBS*

* Note: EBS total volume excludes FWDs and Swaps

Record open interest in EUR/USD

Minimum Price Increment (MPI) reductions of 50-60% in the G5 currency pairs have led to record levels of open interest combined with elevated levels of risk transference during the September roll – with EUR/USD leading the trend, breaking through its open interest barrier for the 10th time in 2020 and reaching more than $121B.

New MPI reduction: Coming in AUD/USD on Nov 23

To enable more participants to benefit from improved cost efficiencies, we are reducing the MPI (Minimum Price Increment) in AUD/USD on November 23 from 1.0 to 0.5.

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Large open interest holders: Rising

There was a September surge in open interest underpinned by the largest-ever net long positions by asset managers in both EUR and JPY – reaching 1 trillion Yen for the first time against the US dollar.

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Largest-ever single trade in FX options: GBP/USD of $2.2B

Investors turn to options to manage risk events such as the US election, and in this instance, the Brexit year end transition period deadline ‒ turning to the depth of our liquidity pool and the safety and capital efficiency of our listed FX options in times of uncertainty.

FX options: Early listings of expiries to manage US election risk

We’ve listed the following three weekly contracts on G5 currencies early, so participants can manage risk ‒ before and after the US election.

Week 1 Monday option expiring November 2, 2020
Week 1 Wednesday option expiring November 4, 2020
Week 2 Friday option expiring November 13, 2020

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EM FX: Growth in BRL leads the way

BRL (ADV +37.3%), RUB (+29.9%), and ZAR (+50.2%) saw robust growth in YTD average daily volumes vs. 2019.

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The EBS Report

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Quant Analytics: Expanding to include FX futures starting November 2020

In a major milestone for the integration of EBS cash and CME listed FX futures, users will be able to see how these two markets compare over time, at top-of-book, and across 11 currencies.

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