The FX Report: Issue VI

  • 18 Jul 2018
  • By CME Group

In the News

The Golden Double: CME Group Wins Twice at the 15th FX Week e-FX Awards

CME Group was voted winner of two of the most prestigious awards at the 2018 FX Week Awards: e-FX Initiative of the Year for CME FX Link and Best e-Derivatives Platform for our overall FX Options franchise. CME Group is the first exchange to ever receive both accolades.

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In Our Markets

More Participants Getting More From Our Products: Q2 Up Versus Q1

At the end of Q2, futures and options reached $111.2B in notional (1.1M contracts), up 29.2 percent YoY. Q2 open interest also saw a YTD increase of 8.03 percent from 2017, representing 2.58M contracts.

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Show of Confidence: Participants Holding Large Open Interest in Futures up 8%

On June 26, CME Group reached 1,104 Large Open Interest Holders in FX futures, up 8 percent YTD. This figure is collated by the CFTC and is a measure of participants in our markets, holding long term strategies.

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Wednesday Options in Demand: Open Interest Reaches Record Levels

Wednesdays options reached a record 32,422 in open interest on June 26 and are now, on average, trading 5,478 contracts a day. Wednesday options represent 22 percent of overall FX weekly options, with a diverse participant mix across time zones.

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Get Ready: New Margin Offsets for Metals and Cash-Settled CNH

Effective June 22, participants can now benefit from 30 percent credit for Copper versus CNH and 40 percent credit for Gold versus CNH.

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The Numbers You Need

June 2018 ADV

Futures $110.6B, +28% YoY
Options $8.5B, +23.5% YoY



 Quarterly Futures:
910,789 contracts on June 14
Monthly Futures:
15,451 contracts on June 14
Open Interest:
665,532 contracts on June 14 


 Quarterly Futures:
34,252 contracts on June 13
 Open Interest:
32,858 contracts on June 14

Need to Know

USD/CNH: Now Cash-Settled
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Amended Price Fluctuation Limits
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