The FX Report: Issue IV

  • 17 May 2018
  • By CME Group

In The News

Did You Know: Greenwich Associates Released TCA on FX Futures

As part of their review, Greenwich Associates report 1 in 2 buyside firms are now considering adding futures to their portfolio. Why?

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In Our Markets

CME FX Link: Strong Numbers on Screen

It's been seven weeks since launch – volume exceeded 7,000 contracts on May 4. Five of the largest Prime Brokers are already connected, facilitating a growing network of trading firms while more banks and buyside clients continue to come on-board. Liquidity is developing, with top-of-book at 0.1-0.2 ticks wide and up to $100m deep, for much of the day. 

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CME Direct: Follow FX Link in Real Time

Follow the market in real time through CME Direct, our trading front- end, or if you prefer to use Bloomberg or Reuters, simply log interest with your service provider. 

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Monthlies: New Pairs in Play

CAD/USD is trading 50% tighter and 2 ½ times deeper QoQ. JPY/USD is trading 40% tighter and 1 ½ times deeper QoQ. Get the granularity you need, get connected to monthly expiries.

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Wednesday Expiries: Continuing their growth

Record open interest on Wednesday options on May 8 of 28,399 and now, within only six months, they account for 6-7% of total FX Options ADV.

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The Numbers You Need

April 2018 ADV

Futures $78.1B, +29.1% YTD YoY
Options $7.7B, +49.6% YTD YoY


Wednesday Options Volume: 11,406 contracts on May 15
Wednesday Options Record OI: 28,399 contracts on May 8
FX Link Record Volume: 7,105 round turns on May 4

Need To Know

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May 30: BoC Meeting
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June 5: RBA Meeting
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June 12: FOMC & CPI
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