The FX Report: Issue 03

  • 13 Apr 2018
  • By CME Group

In The News

CME FX Link is Live. Hear from Colin Lambert of Profit&Loss to Understand How Significant This Could Be To The Industry

“Today could actually turn out to be a reasonably significant day for the FX industry. The reason I feel it may be significant is down to my long-standing belief that greater automation and efficiency in FX forwards and swaps is the key to long term growth in the broader FX industry, and there is a chance that FX Link may help deliver the regulatory and capital efficiency to help drive that, in an automated environment.”

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In Our Markets

CME FX Link is Live: First Weeks, First Trades

Since go-live on March 25, we are consistently seeing new participants trading, liquidity developing, volume increasing and the network of prime brokers expanding.

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All UP: Q1 2018 Trading Volume, Open Interest & Participants

At the end of Q1, ADV across FX futures and options stood at 1.1M contracts
(up 23.60% versus Q1 2017)

In notional terms, ADV for Q1 2018 across FX futures and options was $116.20B
(up 35% versus Q1 2017)

In open interest (OI), average OI for FX futures and options for Q1 2018 was 2.64M contracts
(up 15.40% versus Q1 2017)

Large Open Interest Holders in FX futures reached an all-time high of 1,144 on January 30


And, We Are Now the Largest Electronic FX Options Marketplace In The World…

With over $11B notional traded on average in Q1, CME FX options are now the deepest, most liquid and diverse direct-access, multiparticipant destination for risk management; accounting for ~25% of all single dealer and multi-dealer electronic volume globally.

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Based on FXJSC, FXC & TFEMC 2017 surveys.


…With Increasing Liquidity Around the Clock: Watch EUR/USD FX Options in Asian Hours

Greatly improved top-of-book spread and size creates actionable Asian-hours liquidity, with greater market resilience.

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The Numbers You Need

March 2018 ADV

Futures $105B, +34% YoY
Options $11B, +50% YoY.


EUR/JPY futures OI record: 31,050 contracts on Mar 13
NZD futures OI record: 86,603 contracts on Mar 16
Wednesday Options YTD ADV: 5,393 contracts, up 89% from December ADV

Need To Know

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Apr 18: BoC Meeting
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Apr 26: ECB Meeting, BoJ Meeting
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Apr 27: U.S. GDP
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