FX Options: More expirations along the curve

We have been updating, evolving and restructuring our FX options to create a better proxy for the OTC FX market and to enable more participants to easily access the capital efficiencies and liquidity of our markets.

Our focus has been on creating the granularity participants need to manage event risk, with the ability to spread risk across multiple maturity points, all aligned to the 10am NY cut, and all benefitting from our auto exercise technology – which negates the need to ever call anyone else again, for more efficiency, and less operational risk. 

Recent Developments

Addition of more strikes

New quarter strikes for more choice in deltas and premiums, live since March 2019, made for more granular execution.

Launch of Monday, Wednesday and Friday expiries

Available on 24 options pairs; flexible Wednesday, Friday, monthly and quarterly maturities; traded around the clock, made for managing macro event risk.

Expansion of our maturities

New monthly maturities added to the majors, providing a full one-year term structure, made for sequential hedging and a more capital-efficient solution along the more costly end of the curve.


CME Listed FX Options: A Capital-Efficient, Low-Cost Solution


Craig LeVeille
Executive Director, FX Products

Daniel Grombacher
Senior Director, FX Research & Product Development

Learn how FX options are a proxy for OTC options.

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Part 1: Understand FX options & compare to OTC FX spot options
Part 2: Anticipated impact of UMR
Part 3: Use cases for CME FX options
Part 4: Rules, tools, resources & mechanisms

Mondays now live

Monday FX option expirations live since February 24. Live across multiple venues,  including Bloomberg, available in five currency pairs. 

Read the notice

See all the FX options dates and codes you need

More choices along the term structure, more transparency on the volatility surface, a better trading solution for today’s markets

CME Direct: Access FX options directly

Trade and follow market data in real time on CME Direct, our fast, secure, highly configurable trading front-end. Made for block execution certainty and compliance, with more convenience.

Tap into solutions across the trading lifecycle:

  • Build Strategies
  • Options Analytics
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Real-time Excel

Get connected at cmegroup.com/direct

Created for convenience: Trade the platform of your choice

Platforms include: Bloomberg  |  CQG  |  Fidessa  |  Refinitiv

View vendor trading codes for our FX options

Surcharges waived on certain blocks

For those who use give-ups, the surcharge for FX option blocks has been waived for 2020.

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