Emerging Markets

From Renminbi to Rupee to Won, Peso to Real, Rand to Ruble, CME FX delivers greater certainty for trading emerging markets in every market condition.

When currencies are rapidly fluctuating, CME’s transparent EMFX markets offer quick access to the reliable pricing and liquidity you need – on-screen, around the clock, so you can act as markets move. Uncover the value of a currency overlay overlaid with capital efficiencies, through margin offsets of 20%-60% versus our global benchmark futures on gold, copper and crude oil and other FX currency pairs.

All transacted through the world’s largest regulated FX marketplace, so you can manage your emerging markets exposure with greater confidence.

Emerging Markets Contracts

Product Code Contract Last Change Chart Open High Low Globex Vol

EMFX, Efficiencies: Offsets across FX and across Commodities

BRL 30% 50% 25% 30% 20% 35%
CLP 50% 45%
CNH 45% 45% 30% 45%
INR 35% 25% 30% 25%
KRW 45% 30% 30% 30% 25% 44%
MXN 30% 30% 45% 20% 30%
RUB 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
ZAR 20% 35% 26% 25% 30% 30% 20%
  Brent Crude Oil WTI Crude Oil Gold Copper
CLP 30%
CNH 40% 50%
INR 20%
KRW 30%
MXN 30% 30%
RUB 25% 25%
ZAR 30%
    • USD/CNH
    • USD/CNH CNH contracts are now cash-settled and up 489.9% YOY
    • INR/USD
    • INR/USD Up 129.9% YOY, with liquid across timezones
    • MXN/USD
    • MXN/USD Over $1.7B traded daily, available on FX Link
    • BRL/USD
    • BRL/USD Largest off-shore liquidity pool, up 41% YOY
    • ZAR/USD
    • ZAR/USD Largest off-shore liquidity pool, margin offsets up to 35%
    • RUB/USD
    • RUB/USD Largest off-shore liquidity pool, up 9.3% YTD
    • CLP/USD
    • CLP/USD CLP offers the only electronic CLP liquidity on the CLOB
    • KRW/USD
    • KRW/USD Now available: margin offsets of up to 45% with other products

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