E-mini Nasdaq-100 Weekly Options

More expirations, more precision to manage Nasdaq-100 exposure

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Expand your choices to manage market moving events and fine-tune your trading strategies with E-mini Nasdaq-100 Weekly options. These short-dated contracts offer greater flexibility for trading the leading benchmark of modern-day industrials, the Nasdaq-100 Index.

E-mini Nasdaq-100 Tuesday and Thursday options are now available

Enjoy greater precision and versatility in managing short-term exposure with E-mini Nasdaq-100 Tuesday and Thursday Weekly options (European-style). The new contracts complement the existing Weekly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), End-of-Month options, as well as Quarterly options on E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures.

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Key benefits

Trade with more precision

Add more granularity to your trading strategies and fine-tune your Nasdaq-100 Index exposure.

Add versatility to manage positions

Short-term options offer greater flexibility to manage high-impact event risk, providing the versatility you need in your trading strategies.

Tap into E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures liquidity

These contracts settle into liquid E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures contracts.

Learn more about E-mini Nasdaq-100 Weekly options

Understand the key elements of the E-mini Nasdaq-100 weekly options contracts and see what they can bring to your trading strategies.

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Contract specifications

CONTRACT  E-mini Nasdaq-100 Weekly Options (European-Style)
Q1B, Q2B, Q3B, Q4B, Q5B (Tuesday)
Q1C Q2C, Q3C, Q4C, Q5C (Wednesday)
Q1D, Q2D, Q3D, Q4D, Q5D (Thursday)
QN1, QN2, QN3, QN4 (Friday)
CONTRACT UNIT One E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures contract
LISTING SCHEDULE At any given time, the following contracts will be listed for trading:
Q1A, Q2A, Q3A, Q4A, Q5A (Monday) 
Q1B, Q2B, Q3B, Q4B, Q5B (Tuesday)
Q1C Q2C, Q3C, Q4C, Q5C (Wednesday)
Q1D, Q2D, Q3D, Q4D, Q5D (Thursday) QN1, QN2, QN3, QN4 (Friday)
STRIKE PRICE LISTING SCHEDULE Strike Price Listing and Exercise Procedures Table
SETTLEMENT AT EXPIRATION Option exercise results in a position in the underlying cash-settled futures contract. Options which are in-the-money on the last day of trading are automatically exercised. A 4:00 p.m. ET price fixing based on the weighted average traded price fixing (symbol NQF) of the E-mini Nasdaq-100 Stock Price Index futures in the last 30 seconds of trading on expiration day (3:59:30 p.m.- 4:00:00 p.m. ET) will be used to determine which options are in-the-money. Contrary exercise instructions are prohibited. Option exercise results in a position in the underlying futures contract

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