Energy Markets Are Watching the OPEC+ Meeting

  • 26 Jun 2019
  • By Jeff White
  • Topics: Energy

Insights for the active Energy Trader in 3 minutes or less.

What are we discussing this month?

  • Our Executive Director of Energy Products, Jeff White discusses the upcoming OPEC+ meeting, the probability of certain meeting outcomes based on WTI options volatility data and how the CME OPEC Watch Tool can prepare traders as we get closer to the meeting itself.

    About the Author

    Jeff White is Executive Director of Energy Products & Services at the CME Group. He is responsible for managing and expanding the global Energy options business.   

    Prior to joining CME Group in 2012, Jeff spent 10 years as an Energy derivatives trader at Prime International Trading where he managed multiple commodities portfolios.

    He earned a bachelor’s degree from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.