Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Futures and Options

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NYMEX WTI (CL), the world’s most liquid crude oil benchmark, provides access to global crude oil pricing with the most diverse set of futures and options contracts. With WTI now firmly reconnected to global energy markets, open interest continues to grow as customers hedge their oil market risk.

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WTI Specification Change

WTI Specification Highlights:

In response to changes in the physical industry, and to ensure the continued high quality and integrity of the domestic light sweet crude oil that is being delivered against our NYMEX WTI futures contracts, we will add five additional testing parameters to our WTI futures contract specifications beginning with the January 2019 contract month.

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Key Benefits

Most Liquid Benchmark

NYMEX WTI Crude Oil futures (CL) has firmly established itself as the global crude benchmark with average daily volume of 953K in November 2019 and open interest is up to 2.14 million contracts.

Deep Options Liquidity

WTI Crude Oil options (LO) traded 86% electronically in November 2019.

Futures Trends

Launched on November 5, 2018, physically-delivered WTI Houston (HCL) futures trade as a Globex exchange listed spread to WTI futures (CL) and Brent futures (BZ) with no leg risk.

An Option to Fit Any Need

Choose the option that best fits your strategy/risk profile with an extensive slate of options on WTI futures,  including American-style, European-style, monthly, weekly, daily, calendar spread, inter-commodity spread, average price, and futures strip options.

Globex ClearPort Product Name Exchange Volume Open Interest
LO LO Crude Oil Option NYMEX 153,309 1,916,223
LO1 LO1 Crude Oil Weekly Options - Week 1 NYMEX 1,683 4,562
LO2 LO2 Crude Oil Weekly Options - Week 2 NYMEX 192 1,290
LO3 LO3 Crude Oil Weekly Options - Week 3 NYMEX 20 20
LO4 LO4 Crude Oil Weekly Options - Week 4 NYMEX 5,893 16,994
LO5 LO5 Crude Oil Weekly Options - Week 5 NYMEX 0 0
B7A 7A Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) Financial 1 Month Spread Option NYMEX 3,000 173,750
LCE LC Light Sweet Crude Oil European Financial Option NYMEX 240 33,440
WJO WJO LLS (Argus) vs. WTI Crude Oil Average Price Option NYMEX 0 0
AAO AO WTI Average Price Option NYMEX 2,100 409,201
WAY WA WTI Crude Oil 1 Month Calendar Spread Option NYMEX 4,500 402,500
ABV BV WTI-Brent Crude Oil Spread Option NYMEX 650 232,825
Trade Date: 25 Feb 2020 | FINAL

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As you look to add liquid and actively-traded contracts to your portfolio, NYMEX WTI Light Sweet Crude Oil futures lead the charge for benchmark, efficient risk management opportunities in today's global oil markets. Understanding the nuances of WTI Crude Oil futures can help you to more accurately manage your risk and benefits from these liquid markets. 

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