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Global Emissions contracts enable seamless trading between environmental spot futures markets. CME Group’s Emissions products provide customers with real-time global access to hedge exposure in the US and European markets.

We offer a highly competitive fee schedule for these markets and utilize all of CME Group's trading and clearing solutions to offer an unrivalled customer experience. 

View our suite of Voluntary Carbon Emissions Offset futures.


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European Union Allowances

EUA futures and options product specifications and expiries conform to established market with the added features of:

  • Minimum block size is 5 lots
  •  Competitive fee schedule
  •  NYMEX opening hours 23 hours 6 days a week
  •  Trading available on CME Globex and through CME ClearPort


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Verena Peternell
Senior Director, Energy Products
+44 20 3379 3837

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European Union Allowance (EUA) options exercise & assignment prices

Exercise & assignment prices are available at approximately 13:15 London local time on the contract expiry date. Find contract expiry dates on the interactive expiration calendar.

European Union Allowance (EUA) Options Product Code Contract Month Exercise & Assignment Price Timestamp (CT)
European Union Allowance (EUA) Option ECO - - -