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CME Group is the exchange of choice for trading and clearing thermal coal futures and options. Since the listing of North American coal in 2001, CME Group has taken coal risk management global, offering a comprehensive product slate of both thermal and coking coal covering Europe, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, China and the US.

Coal currently provides for over 40% of electricity generation and is essential for steel and cement production. With abundant reserves it remains an important component of the bulk commodity complex.

With the use of straight-through processing technology for clearing transactions through CME ClearPort, CME Group continues to work with the market to drive forward complete products and solutions for producers, consumers and traders worldwide.

Key Benefits

  • Improved market access – simple contract design enhances access and transparency
  • Mitigated counterparty credit risk – CME Clearing Europe offers best-in-class clearing technology
  • European regulatory environment – trade, report, and clear under European regulation
  • Lower trading fees – trade and save compared to alternatives
  • Single marketplace for all your Energy trading requirements – manage European power, natural gas, coal and emissions exposure with greater margin efficiencies and convenience
  • Improved market access – simple contract design enhances ease of clearing and transparency with a comprehensive list of clearing members
  • Easy Access – Flexible trading venues on CME Globex, clearing through CME ClearPort, access on a single screen with CME Direct and ability to connect in to a large range
  • Regulatory clarity – NYMEX offers a settled and proven regulatory picture to its participants. Contact our regulation team at +1 312 341 7970 or to learn more.

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