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As the leading trading front-end, CME Direct is frequently updated to offer you the highly configurable features and functionalities you need to access the deep liquidity and transparency of CME Group markets.

The following new features and improvements allow you to make the most out of your trading front-end.

May Release

STIR Spreads Enhancements

CME Direct Spread enhancements allow users to set up STIR Spreads using the same Strategy Type, and to also clearly differentiate the STIR Spreads by Product and Product Code. In addition, the STIR Spreads will now be grouped within the same Product Category.

The following STIR Spreads are included in these enhancements:

  • 30 Day Fed Funds vs Eurodollar
  • 30 Day Fed Funds vs SOFR3
  • SOFR1 vs 30 Day Fed Funds
  • SOFR1 vs SOFR3
  • SOFR3 vs Eurodollar


CME Globex Trade Adjustment

This release includes several updates to how trade adjustments are displayed in CME Direct.

The following enhancements have been made for trade adjustments:

  • Adjusted trade rows replace the original trade row and display in italics.
  • The adjusted (updated) Trade Price accurately displays in the Order Book.
  • The Sub Type column indicates an adjustment has been made.
  • Last Trade, High, and Low prices update accurately in the Trading Grids.


Single-Sided Deal Notes

CME Direct now allows users to add a Note to a single-sided deal. With this functionality, users can send a message to the counterparty of their alleged deal by entering a Buy note on an alleged Sell or a Sell note on an alleged Buy.


Allocations Enhancements

Allocations visibility enhancements allow users to view the exact number of Traders and Accounts on an allocation, rather than seeing "Multiple Traders" or "Multiple Accounts" displayed.

New Display

Saving Company Favorites

CME Direct now allows users to save Companies as favorites, without having to specify a Trader.


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