FAQ: CME Pivot

CME Pivot is an instant messaging platform that allows you to collaborate with market participants over a secure, fast network.  

CME Pivot has an established partnership with Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger, Trade Alert, and Trillian that provides open connectivity to both platforms and a seamless experience for all users.

Does CME Pivot have its own Network?

Yes, CME Pivot has its own secure network, which we are committed to keeping as an open network so customers have a choice as to which IM platform is best suited to fit their needs. 

What does CME Pivot have that other providers cannot provide?

  • The industry’s leading message recognition technology (parsing)
  • Liquidity alerts on CME Group markets 
  • CME Direct integration for efficient clearing and price posting
  • Integration with other financial IM networks

How do I sign up for CME Pivot?

What is the cost of CME Pivot?

For more details on pricing, please follow up with Market Technology Sales at markettechsales@cmegroup.com

What are the top features of CME Pivot?

CME Pivot is connected to Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger, Trade Alert, and Trillian, creating open access between multiple chat networks.

Additional features include parsing, blasting, collaboration room, group chat, open network, and CME Group market liquidity alerts.

Is CME Pivot federated or connected with other chat platforms?

CME Pivot is an open access platform that is federated with Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger, Trade Alert, and Trillian to provide connectivity between both chat networks.

Is CME Pivot connected to ICE Chat or Bloomberg?

CME Group is dedicated to building a robust and open IM network.  Currently the ICE and Bloomberg networks are closed to external connectivity.

How does CME Group manage customer confidentiality regarding chat messages and contacts?

CME Group limits employee access to manage customer confidentiality. For example, CME Pivot Support teams may have the appropriate access to provide administrative and troubleshooting services to support customers on the platform.

Are messages using CME Pivot encrypted?

All CME Pivot network traffic is encrypted both in transit and in rest.

How does communication with the other chat platforms work?

CME Pivot federates with Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger, Trade Alert, and Trillian create an easy connection between multiple platforms.

CME Pivot users can also communicate with Twitter and some Skype for Business users. 

What are CME Group liquidity alerts?

Liquidity alerts allow you to receive real-time IM notifications when trades are executed for CME Group agricultural, energy, or metals products you are interested in.

Does CME Pivot have an API?

Yes, CME Pivot does have an API for publishing messages to external counterparts as well as consuming incoming traffic and exporting to downstream systems.

What are the compliance capabilities of CME Pivot?

Our instant messaging platform enables users to automatically capture and archive all messages sent and received regardless of IM network. It also seamlessly integrates with the industry’s best-in-class compliance programs through our third-party partnerships. That means traders, brokers and other participants can message with confidence.

Is customer archiving of messages optional or mandatory?

It can be both. Customers have the ability to set their preferences and determine if message archiving is mandatory or optional for users across their firm.   

How long does CME Pivot retain records?

Per the customer's request, chat logs may be sent to the FTP site for retrieval for the customer's archiving purposes. These files can be generated in HTML or XML format.

Does CME Group house the server or does my firm need to house the server?

CME Group manages the server.

Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger Partnership

What does the partnership with Eikon Messenger mean for CME Pivot users?

The partnership creates a network federation meaning open connectivity to both platforms, providing a seamless experience for all users.

What is a federation?

Federated chat networks are those that provide seamless communication between platforms. This allows for open communication between the Thomson Reuters Eikon network and CME Pivot’s network without having to obtain another account or switch platforms.

Why is this important?

CME Pivot is an open network that allow users to connect across communities. Federating with different networks expands our reach to key markets. With AIM’s departure, users are looking to for a new network . Adding federated networks such as Eikon Messenger to CME Pivots allows for greater connectivity in the marketplace.

What are the CME Pivot user requirements to connect with Eikon Messenger users?

Users must be on version 8.6.6 or higher.  You also must enable both the Private Network Permission and the new Eikon Messenger Communication permission. There is no need to add a new connection to your CME Pivot client.

How do I add an Eikon Buddy?

Right click on the buddy list, select “Eikon” from the drop-down menu, add your Eikon buddy using their name.emaildomain.com@reuters.net (Example:joe.smith.cmegroup.com@reuters.net).

How does an Eikon Messenger user add a CME Pivot user?

1. The CME Pivot user needs to provide the Eikon Messenger their full CME Pivot id, located at the bottom of their buddy list.

2. The Eikon Messenger user will click "Add a new contact."

3.  Add the full Pivot network ID in the "Email Address" field.  Select "CME" from the network drop down.

How do I save an Eikon Messenger buddy to my buddy list that has added me?

  • Click the green sphere at the bottom right side of the chat window: 
  • You will see the user’s email address pre-filled in the Email box-this will need to be edited before you can save the user to your buddy list.
  • Edit the email address to read name.emaildomain.com@reuters.net  (Example:Joe.Smith.cmegroup.com@reuters.net).


What are the compatible feature between CME Pivot and Eikon Messenger?

The compatible features are:

  • 1:1 Chat between CME Pivot Network user and Eikon Messenger user
  • PN Points (Eikon users cannot be a member of a PN Point but they can send a message to a PN Point)
  • Blast messages to Local Distribution Lists
  • Distribution lists
  • Presence
  • Buddy Search
  • Parsed messages
  • Emojis

What CME Pivot features are not compatible with Eikon?

  • PN Rooms- Eikon Messenger users cannot be added to a private network room
  • Member of PN Points – Eikon Messenger users cannot be a member of a PN Point
  • Message Formatting- Eikon Messenger does not support formatted messages
  • CME Pivot cannot receive attachments from any network

24/6 Technical Support

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