FAQ: CME Direct Information License Agreement

The Information License Agreement (ILA) encompasses the legal framework CME Group uses to license the consumption of information provided by CME Group and its affiliates.

Why does my firm need to sign an Information License Agreement (ILA) if our users are not permissioned to view market data?

As a matter of policy, all CME Direct firms are required to complete an ILA.

My firm has a Market Data License Agreement (MDLA) with CME Group, can we leverage that agreement in lieu of signing the ILA?

No, the license to use market data on CME Direct is only available by signing the ILA.

Who at my firm should sign this Agreement?

Any authorized representative within your organization can sign the Agreement.

When is my firm required to complete this Agreement?

You are required to sign this agreement within 60 days of receiving notice.

What is the term of the Agreement?

The term is the period from the effective date until the termination of the Agreement. Either party may terminate the agreement on 30 days’ notice.

Contact Information

For more information regarding CME Direct customer requirements, please reach out to our Market Technology Sales team.

For general inquiries:

For market data licensing:

Global Account Management
U.S.: +1 312 634 8395
Europe: +44 20 3379 3754
Asia: +65 6593 5505


For onboarding and entitlements:

Enterprise Application & System Entitlements (EASE)
U.S.: +1 312 456 1560
Europe: +44 203 379 3802
Asia: +65 6593 5536


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