Next Steps for Existing Users

If you are an existing CME Pivot user, take the following steps to maintain contact with your AIM buddies before AIM leaves CME Pivot on December 1:

1. Establish a CME Pivot Network Relationship

The CME Pivot client will tell you who is also on CME Pivot. Connecting with them is as easy as a single mouse click.


You can also give your CME Pivot Network ID to other CME Pivot users.

2. Add a CME Pivot Buddy to Your Buddy List



3. Tell Your AIM buddies You Are on CME Pivot

Copy and paste the following text:

Hello! I’m not sure if you heard, but the AIM network will no longer be available to CME Pivot in December. No worries though, we will still be able to stay connected on the secure, reliable CME Pivot network designed specifically for users like us. Learn more about how to register for an account:

Open a Chat Blast window, select your AIM buddies, and send a blast message to them