Wheat Futures and Options

The Global Industry Benchmark for More Than 135 Years

Chicago Soft Red Winter (SRW) and KC Hard Red Winter (HRW) are the global industry standards for wheat. Chicago SRW Wheat is the most liquid Wheat futures contract in the world, trading the equivalent of more than 15 million tons each day in 2013--9 ½ times more than the largest European contract. Producers, processors, millers and exporters continue to look to Chicago SRW and KC HRW Wheat for the liquidity that is critical for any risk management solution.

Liquidity means that you can execute positions quickly, effectively and efficiently. Liquidity offers more flexibility in structuring hedging strategies to meet your timing and market needs. And when the world is facing new challenges in Wheat risk management, liquidity provides the security you need in order to respond with confidence.


  • Established, liquid Wheat futures markets
  • Tight bid-ask spreads
  • Robust Wheat options markets, for event more flexibility in hedging and trading strategies
  • Availability of Wheat Calendar Spread Options (CSOs) for a more efficient roll strategy
  • Spreading opportunities with other CBOT grain and oilseed markets
  • Access to Minneapolis (MGEX) via the fast, efficient CME Globex electronic platform

Global Wheat Futures Market Share


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