Agricultural options

Gain exposure to dynamic agricultural markets

Manage exposure using a diverse suite of agricultural options on leading grains, oilseeds, and livestock products. Enjoy flexibility to define risk and capitalize on active volatility surfaces in liquid markets.

Options products

View the options product slate available to help you manage risk or express views on leading agricultural markets.

CME Globex Product Name Volume Open Interest
OZC Corn Options 76,546 1,537,342
OZS Soybean Options 76,469 677,777
LE Live Cattle Options 22,621 369,125
OZW Chicago SRW Wheat Options 8,971 298,305
HE Lean Hog Options 10,478 297,141
OCD Short-Dated New Crop Corn Options 23,173 203,866
OZL Soybean Oil Options 16,970 203,072
OZM Soybean Meal Options 17,706 192,340
OSD Short-Dated New Crop Soybean Options 14,873 93,455
GF Feeder Cattle Options 2,591 78,821
Trade Date: 18 Jul 2024 | PRELIMINARY

Key benefits

Add exposure to an uncorrelated asset class

Agriculture can bring valuable diversification to asset allocation strategies, as it tends to be uncorrelated with other asset classes.

Trade dynamic Ag markets with multiple drivers

From weather to global supply/demand shifts that spur seasonal trends and volatility surfaces different than financial markets, many factors create opportunities.

Get versatility for building strategies

Over 50%* of our Ag options trade as a strategy given the dynamic nature of volatility and skew. Choose from several different options products to craft strategies.

Source: CME Group

Ag Intel

Data-driven recaps of the Corn, Soybean, and Chicago Wheat markets delivered daily to your inbox, highlighting significant changes in volume, open interest, price, volatility, and skew.

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Non-standard Agricultural options

Manage exposure with greater granularity by using options that target specific time frames outside of what traditional options offer.

Short-dated New Crop options

Hedge longer-dated futures with options that expire in shorter time frames – a way to manage new crop futures risk in a low-cost manner.

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Weekly options

Customize your risk coverage with more precision, savings, and available strategies using weekly contracts with Friday expirations.

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Calendar Spread options

Create more precise hedges against adverse movements in futures spreads, with more sensitivity to the value and volatility of the spread.

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Build and refine your trading strategies with free pricing and analytics tools for CME Group Agricultural products.

Open Interest Profile Tool

Analyze open interest and open interest change patterns for each expiration within the selected product.

Strategy Simulator

Learn how an option contract, futures contract, or physical position will perform based on hypothetical underlying price scenarios. 

(Daily) Weekly Options Report

Get a daily overview of CME Group’s Weekly options complex, including volume, open interest and open interest change.

Most Active Strikes

View open interest, open interest change, and volume activity detailing the most active strikes by calls, puts, and combined calls and puts.

CVOL – The CME Group Volatility Index

Explore new views on leading grain market volatility uniquely possible by CME Group. This proprietary simple variance methodology produces a representative measure of the market’s expectation of 30-day forward risk for Corn, SRW Wheat, and Soybeans.

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Agricultural Options Update

View an update of Agricultural options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

White Papers

Read in-depth analysis of the trading strategies and opportunities that can be created by using our suite of Agricultural options.


Take self-guided courses on Agricultural futures and options

If you're new to options on futures, we offer several courses that can help you quickly understand Agricultural options and start trading.

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Option strategies are an integral part of a trader’s routine. Whether you are hedging a position or speculating on market outcomes, it’s important to understand the most common option strategies. This course walks you through what you need to know about these strategies.

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