Login and Logout

CME Group recommends using a recent version of supported browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) to access and operate application functions.

You must create an account prior to logging in with CME Group Login credentials. See the following login options:

  1. To login for premium digital content and tools:
  1. Access https://www.cmegroup.com.
  2. Select the Login icon > Login to your account >.
  3. Enter your User ID and password; select Login.

  1. To Logout:

Select the Login icon > Logout.

  1. To Login with additional CME Group application access:
  1. Access https://www.cmegroup.com.
  2. Select the Login icon > CME Customer Center.

  1. Enter the User ID and Password, then select Log In.
  • Account Lock - Login can be attempted up to five times before an account is locked. If an account is locked it will be unlocked automatically after three hours or to unlock the password, without requiring a password change, contact EASE.
  •  Other Login screen functions:
    •  Register a new CME Group Login.
    •  Receive a User ID reminder by email for forgotten User ID.
    •  Reset a forgotten password.
    •  Contact information for support.

Two-Factor Authentication: To access CME Group applications from a new device, browser or when cache is cleared, a secondary security code verification is required. Customers without a mobile phone or reliable mobile service can--at registration or profile update--elect to receive a voice code to their primary phone number (US phone numbers only).

  1. Authenticate your ID in one of two ways:

    Authenticate via Duo.


    A text message with a code will be sent to your mobile device or you will receive a voice code on your primary phone number (US phone numbers only):
    1. Enter the Security Code, then specify whether this access is from a public / shared or personal computer.
      • Public / shared computer - At the next login, from this computer and browser, an authentication code will be sent to the registered phone number and must be entered before accessing CME Group applications.
      • Private / personal computer - Upon entering the security code, the additional authentication step is not required until browser cache is cleared or customers login is on a new device or browser.

    2. Select Continue.

      The CME Customer Center application page appears.

  1. To Logout:

From the CME Customer Center profile icon, select Logout.

First Time Log In to CME Customer Center


After creating a CME Group Login including application access, additional security steps are required when logging into the CME Customer Center for the first time.

  1. Access https://www.cmegroup.com.
  2. Select the Login icon > CME Customer Center.
  3. Enter the User ID and Password, then select Log In.

At the initial login, a security code verification dialog appears and a code is sent to the primary phone number.

Available options:


Successful login displays the Welcome to CME Customer Center:



  1. Enter the security code from the primary phone number.
  2. Select public / shared computer or personal computer.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. If neither phone is accessible, contact EASE.
  5. Select the option to send the security code to another registered phone number.
  6. Change the phone number of the selected mobile or primary phone.
  7. Re-send the Code to the selected phone number.


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