Registering a CME Group Login

This registration is for customers who require access to CME Group applications and / or operational authority (for multiple clearing firms, when appropriate) and premium content on the CME Group website.

Instructions and available fields may vary, depending on the requested service-level and access-type.

The registration steps include:

  1. Entering profile registration information.
  1. Receive registration email and activate the profile.
  2. Login to CME Group Applications and Services.
  3. Generate Token and provide to Application AdministratorClosedThe application administrator uses the token to complete registration for CME Group applications and services.
  1. To create a CME Group Login:
  2. Access or select the registration link from the CME Group Login webpage:

An entry form appears. Required fields are marked with red asterisks (*).

  1. Enter Contact Information:
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Job Role
  • Company Type
  1. Enter Company (Work) Information
  • Mobile Phone Number: Adds a login step requiring entry of a security code, which is sent as a text (SMS) message to the mobile phone number.
  • Primary Phone Number: Users without a mobile device or reliable mobile service can receive a voice code to their primary phone number).

The security code is required upon initial login or for additional browsers and devices.

It is recommended to review the acknowledgment to send verification code and select the I accept checkbox.

  • Send Security Code by: Select the method to use for two-factor security code delivery.

Prior to CME Group Login profile activation a text message or voice code is sent to the phone number and must be verified.

For numbers outside of the U.S., the phone call and SMS messaging services require EASE activation.

Note: At the initial login, users can select the mobile or primary phone and update the phone number (if necessary), to which the security code will be sent.

  1. Enter Login Information:
  • Email Address: An activation email and correspondence is sent to this email address.
  • User ID: Specify a unique User ID. Validation is performed to ensure the requested ID is not registered to another user.
  • Password: Passwords must be compliant with the specified rules.

Note: Passwords must be changed at least every 90 days.

  1. Enter or select Security Questions and Answers and captcha code:
  • At least two and up to three security questions and answers must be selected or entered.
  • It is recommended to review the Terms of Service and select the I have read and agree to the Terms of Use checkbox if you agree.
  • It is recommended to review the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.
  • If you agree, select the I have read and agree to the Privacy and Cookie Policy checkboxes
  1. On the Registration Confirmation page, review the registration information, then select Continue.

The registration profile is validated against existing accounts and password rules, and the Email Activation screen appears. You will receive an email for activating your account.

  1. Do not close the window, proceed to the Activation instructions.

Additional options:

  • To modify the email address, enter an email address and select Update My Email.


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