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Trade Detail - Carrying Perspective

After performing a search, carrying firms can perform the following actions on result sets:

Reject & Accept Trades (Carrying Firms)

After performing a basic or advanced search in the Carrying Firm perspective, you can reject or accept trades.

  • To reject or accept a trade:
  1. Select the check box of the trade(s).

To select all rows, select Check All.

Note: This will only select the rows that are being currently viewed. For example, if three rows appear on the screen, all three rows will be checked. If 10 rows appear on the screen, all 10 rows will be checked.

  1. Select “Accepted” or “Rejected” in the drop-down.

Note: Carrying firms can only accept trades that were previously rejected.

For rejections, you will be prompted to enter a message.

  1. Select Submit.

A confirmation message displays, indicating that the transactions were rejected or accepted.

Note: The Status Code is now labeled as Rejected

For accepted trades, the Status Code will be blank, which indicates an implied acceptance.


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