Kill Switch

Kill Switch provides a Globex Orders Kill function for the following levels: Legal Clearing Entity, Execution Firm and Sender Comp.

Use Kill Switch to shut down trading and influence conditions such as:

  • Major trading events
  • Market disruption
  • Market fairness
  • Systemic risks that runaway algorithms could pose

See Enforcing Kill Switch for more detailed information.

Primary Features

Kill Switch functionality includes:

  • Day Orders and Good Till messages are blocked when Kill Switch is invoked, however, Kill Switch will not cancel resting Good Till or Day Orders when a market is “closed” or in the final “30 seconds” prior to an open.
  • Impacted customers are prevented from submitting any message other than what is required to keep alive the connection with the exchange (session management).
  • Only orders intended for CME core match engines are supported.
  • Customers receive a reject message with entity level and administrator role information.
  • Blocking takes less than one second, though the cascading cancellations may extend beyond this time frame.

See Message Impact for more detailed information.

Access Kill Switch

Kill Switch may be activated by the following administrator roles:

  • Legal Clearing Entity Admin
  • Execution Firm Admin
  • CME Admin

See Administrators on the Enforcing Kill Switch page for more detailed information on Administrator roles and permissions.

Access Kill Switch using:


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