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Viewing Prime Broker Firm

From the Entity Risk Management menu, select Spot FX.

Available functions:

  1. Prime Broker Firm: If you are authorized for one firm, it is selected automatically.

Authorized users can view Spot FX Prime Broker limits.

  1. Minimize pane: Increases viewable area of other sections.
  2. Notional Reference Limit: Set by Central FX Prime Broker on each Prime Broker, for all products.

This value approximates a Net Open Position (NOP) limit, is not enforced within ICC and is for reference only.

  1. Prime Broker product Spot FX limits: View overall Spot FX Firm Limits, which are set by Central Clearing Counterparty (CCP) and viewable by Prime Broker and Trading Firm administrators.

  1. Link / Manage Trading Firm: After specifying the Trading Firm, select Link.
  1. Trading Firm Functions: For additional functions, select a Trading Firm.


  1. Remove Linked Trading Firms: On the Prime Broker page, trading firms with a delete icon are not linked to execution firms and can be removed and not available if execution firms are associated with accounts.

Prior to removing linked trading firms, go to Account Management Service and delete accounts associated with Spot FX authorized Execution Firm(s).

Upon requesting trading firm removal, respond to the confirmation dialog to finalize.

  1. Suspend / Allow Trading Firm Order Entry: Suspends / Allows new order entry for the Trading firm, linked execution firms and accounts. Eliminates the need to edit individual product quantity limits. To cancel working orders, Contact the GCC.


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