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Managing Trading Firms

The following instructions illustrate the process to access Spot FX to manage Trading Firm details, which include linking to execution firms, setting product limits and setting alerts and thresholds; when product limit thresholds have been breached.

Performed after linking a Trading Firm or for existing Trading Firms.

  • To view and manage Trading Firm(s):
  1. From the Entity Risk Management menu, select Spot FX.
  2. On the Spot FX page, select the Prime Broker Firm to view / manage.
  1. From the Link Trading Firms pane, select the blue hyperlinked Trading Firm to manage.

To find a particular firm, use the Search field. As you type, matching firms appear in a list.

  1. Select (click Edit) from available Trading Firm function panes.
  1. Assign / Manage Execution Firm(s): Link / associate Execution Firms. Following Execution Firm associations, go to Account Management Service. and create an account that will manage orders.
  1. Set alert thresholds and notification emails: From the Thresholds and Alerts pane, select Edit, specify the threshold (50% to 100%) and up to 20 email recipients; to be notified when a trading firm breaches a given percentage of the limit.
  1. Set trading firm product limits: From the Trading Firm page, authorized users can specify maximum long / short product quantity limits; select Edit, then enter Long / Short product limits.

Entered quantities refer to the Long / Short Currency Product Pair limits; the number of spreads, which have an equivalent net contract equivalent and notional currency value.

For additional instructions, refer to Linking Trading Firms.

For spread construction examples and calculation guidance, refer to the CME FX Link.

Execution Firms

Execution firm account administrators can view their product limits, alerts and thresholds.


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