Alerts & Quick Chat

Customizable Chat alerts allow users to identify keywords, user availability, and user log in status and quickly respond to messages that include any of these alerts. Customizable quick chat buttons allow users to quickly add regularly used text to a message.


User Notifications

Chat User Notifications allow users to receive notification indicators when a contact signs in and is available, and when a contact sends you a message.

The availability notification appears as a pop-up message, while the message notification appears as a user tab highlight.

Note: Notifications appear only for users with the "When user is available" and/or "When user messages me" notification option enabled.


Creating a User Notification

To create a User Notification select the Settings icon from the main Chat window, and on the User Notifications tab, select Add New User Notification.

User Notifications appear in the Manage User Notifications pane and allow for notifications to be edited or removed.


Receiving a Notification

User notifications appear as pop-ups and user tab highlights.


The availability notification pop-up appears when a user is available online.

User Tab Highlights

User tab highlights appear for sent messages only, and clear once selected.


General Settings

Chat General Settings allow users to enable additional notifications that provide sound alerts and a flashing user tab.

Note: When selected, General Settings will be applied to contacts enabled for User Notifications only.


Sound Notifications

When enabled, sound notifications notify users with a ping sound when a message is received.

Note: Certain browsers may require users to edit their sound settings.


Flash Alerts

When enabled, contact tabs will flash whenever the contact sends a message.


Keyword Alerts

Keyword Alerts notify users when a "keyword" is sent in a chat message. Keyword Alerts appear as message and user tab borders.


Creating a Keyword Alert

To create Keyword Alerts select the Settings icon from the main Chat window, and on the Keyword Alerts tab, select Add New Keyword.

Keyword alerts appear in the Manage Keyword Alerts pane and allow for buttons to be edited or removed.

Quick Chat Buttons

Quick Chat buttons allow Trades and Brokers to quickly add regularly used text to a message.

For example, a Broker who regularly sells Corn may create a CORN-BRA button that when clicked adds the text "Corn currently available @" to the Chat message.

Note: Quick Chat buttons have a 20 character limit.


Creating a Quick Chat Button

To create a Quick Chat button select the Settings icon from the main Chat window and choose the Quick Chat Buttons tab.

Note: If a Quick Chat button already exists, an Add New Quick Chat option appears in the Quick Chat Buttons section.

Chat buttons appear in the Manage Quick Chats pane and allow for buttons to be edited or removed.


Adding Quick Chat Text

Selecting a Quick Chat button from the message pane footer adds the defined text to the message box.


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