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iLink Order Entry Sessions

Using the iLink Order Entry Sessions function, authorized users can create and manage iLink sessions which are used to manage CME Globex order messages and responses, administrator approval is not required.

Multiple iLink sessions can be created for Registered Entities (Primary / Secondary Globex Firm).

Request Center - iLink functions:

Accessing iLink Order Entry Self-Service

From the CME Customer Center menu, select Request Center > Futures & Options Requests > iLink Sessions.

Select a Registered Entity; users with access to one entity are directed automatically to the next screen.

Creating iLink Order Entry Session

Use the Globex Requests > iLink Sessions function to create new sessions that can access the market to enter, modify and cancel orders and receive confirmations. The creation process consists of the following steps:

  • Select Registered Entity
  • Select Create iLink Session
  • Select Primary / Secondary Globex Firm
  • Select Session Type
  • Select Number of Sessions
  • Select Front End System
  • Specify Live Date
  • Specify Business Rationale / Background
  1. To create a new iLink Session:
  1. From the Futures & Options Requests menu, select iLink Sessions.

  1. Select a Registered Entity (For users with access to one entity, this is automatically selected).

  1. Select Create iLink Session().
  1. On the screen that appears, enter new session details.

Required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*).

  • *Primary Globex Firm: After selecting, the Session Policy Tier Info pane appears, indicating available session allowances.

  • Secondary Globex Firm: Firms authorized at the selected Primary Globex Firm.
  • *Session Type: Convenience or Market Segment Gateway.
  • Session Protocol: Select ASCII (FIX)ClosedTag value ASCII encoding) or Binary (FIXP)ClosedFIX Performance - Simple binary encoding that supports simple session layer management; no session-level information (e.g. headers) required
  • *Number of Sessions: The number of available sessions cannot be more than allocated to an entity (Globex Firm). iLink session creation may incur a fee. Upon submitting the request a fee acknowledgment indicates the amount per session and total.
  • *Front End System: Applications for which the iLink session is authorized.
  • *Live Date: The effective date the newly created iLink session will be available.
  • *Business Rationale / Background: Additional details / reason
  1. Upon completion of required data, click Proceed.

An acknowledgment message appears, indicating port activation charges (if applicable) for the requested session.

  1. If you agree with the setup details and fee, click Submit.

A notification banner appears, indicating successful request submission. An email is sent to the designated clearing firm administrator for a decision.

Newly created sessions appear in the list, with an assigned Session ID.

Additional session information is used to configure the trading system to send and receive messages.

Request Status

Submitted requests appear at Request Center - My Requests with an In-Progress status.

Upon successful setup and validation of session details request status updates to Completed.

  • Requests submitted before 12:00 PM CST are processed and will be effective the same day.
  • Requests submitted after 12:00 PM CST will be effective the next business day.
  • Updates to session protocols are processed at 4:00 PM CST.

An email and communication center message is sent to the user at submission and completion.

After processing and validation of request details. the newly created iLink session details are available from the Registered Entity page.

Editing / Deleting iLink Order Entry Session (IDs)

From the iLink Session page the following functions can be performed. The ability to perform advanced function is determined by a users assigned entitlement. Authorized users can delete sessions at the primary or secondary firm at which they are authorized.

  • View Session ID and configuration details
  • Select and Edit session details
  • Delete Sessions
  • Export or print the list of iLink Sessions (search results).
  1. To view Session details:
  1. From the Futures & Options Requests menu, select iLink Sessions.

If necessary, select a Registered Entity.

For users with entitlements for only one entity, this option will be selected.

  1. To Edit, select a linked Session ID to manage.

  1. On the screen that appears, select Edit, then update as necessary.

  1. When complete, click Submit.

The update is sent for processing and upon completion an email and communication center message is sent to the requestor.

  • Requests submitted before 12:00PM CST are validated, processed and will be effective the same business day.
  • Requests submitted after 12:00PM CST will be effective the next business day.
  1. To delete an iLink session:

Authorized users, at the primary or secondary Globex firm, can delete other iLink sessions at the same primary or secondary Globex firm.

From the iLink sessions list, select the checkbox for an eligible iLink Session, then click Delete Session.

Note: Alternate deletion method - Select the Session ID, then click Delete Session.

Deletions are queued for weekly processing that occurs on Friday afternoons. After submitting, the Request Center status indicates In Progress, once finalized the status changes to Completed.

If a session is deleted by mistake, contact Global Account Management.

Managing Order Entry Session Protocols

Users can change the order entry protocol for MSGW connections that are associated with Front End Systems and certified for iLink 3.0 (Binary Order Entry).

  • To change the session protocol: 
  1. Navigate to: Request Center > Futures & Options Requests > iLink Sessions, then select a Registered Entity.

A list of iLink Sessions will appear.

  1. Select the iLink session, which activates the Actions for Selected Sessions menu.

  1. From the menu, select Change to FIXP / FIX.

FIX Performance (FIX) protocol, which supports simple session layer management; no session-level information required.

  1. Review and confirm the confirmation dialog by selecting Submit.

A confirmation message appears and the request status is In Progress, with details available from the My Requests function.

Changes to session protocols are processed on Fridays after the market close.

After processing and setup, the status changes from In Progress to Completed and the updated protocol appears on the Order Entry Sessions page, with an assigned Session ID.

iLink Order Entry Sessions Self-Service Permissions

The Request Center includes self-service functions for Clearing Firm Admin Managers to manage Registered Entities' administratively owned GFIDs, including the ability to create iLink sessions, with or without Clearing Firm approval.

To request CME Globex Firm ID (GFID) ownership transfer and permission to directly create and manage iLink Sessions, contact your Clearing Firm.

  • To manage iLink Session Self-Service:
  1. From the Request Center menu, select Preferences.

  1. If you manage more than one entity, select from the Registered Entity menu; otherwise the Entity is selected.

Appears only for registered entities that represent the clearing firm.

  1. On the screen that appears, select the iLink Sessions tab.

A list of available Admin Owners appears.

To view affected Session IDs, expand a selection.

  1. For a given Admin Owner, select Direct iLink Creation: Yes.
  • Yes: Authorized trading firm users can directly create, edit and / or delete iLink Sessions, without additional approval.
  • No: Authorized trading firm users can directly create, edit and / or delete iLink Sessions, after Clearing Firm a Admin Manager approval.
  • Admin Manager approval is required, individually, for each iLink Session request.
  • If the iLink session request includes more than one GFID (route-throughs), all affected Clearing Firms must approve each request.

Route-through requests, not approved by all Clearing Firms, will be rejected.

Note: Permissions updates are effective immediately.

View Change Log

To view detailed updates, select View Change Log.

Available details:

  • User
  • Date
  • Application / Service
  • Time
  • Description

Securing Order Entry Sessions

For Order Entry Sessions, secure login via Hash Message Authentication Codes (HMAC) is available. Authorized users can generate private security keys or manage secure iLink Session activity.

  • Access Key ID : Secure login request to iLink.
  • Secret / Private Key: Used to create HMAC signature.

HMAC helps to secure user login and message activity:

  • Customer identity verification: Login is signed with CME Group issued and validated security credentials.
  • Message confidentiality and integrity: HMAC codes are generated from a combination of login FIX tag values. CME Globex uses customer submitted credentials to calculate the HMAC value to validate against the login request.


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